Northern Shaolin Chuen Fa


It was founded in Singapore in 1971 by Master Sebastian Soh who has blended both Chinese and Japanese martial arts styles in his pursuit of perfection for versatility and specialization of different techniques for different parts of  the body.  

"Chuen Fa" in Chinese meaning " the way of penetrating power and grace" , and Northern Shaolin Chuen Fa is an unrestricted specialization of the 2 arts, the Japanese and Chinese martial arts.  Master Sebastian Soh  approached martial arts in a scientific way whereby he saw numerous barriers to overcome and constant discoveries to be made.  Discovering the art is the key to learning martial art.  Learning without discovering , one forgets.  Thus, incorporating the traditions and cultural aspects of the martial art,  Master Sebastian Soh always urge his students to contemplate analytically over every technique that he taught.  He believed there is no end to every technique and also no end to perfection.