Northern Shaolin Chuen Fa

Terence Teo

Terence Teo is the Chief Instructor who was  trained directly by Master Sebastian Soh and has followed his teachings diligently.  Due to his keen interest and constant discovering of every technique that was taught to him, Master Sebastian Soh took him into the inner chamber of Northern Shaolin Chuen Fa and transferred his knowledge of self-healing, manipulation of the yin yang force, weaponry, self development through meditation and the combination of all forms into an unique skill.    Terence Teo always seek constant breakthrough of his skill and has tasked himself to preserved Northern Shaolin Chuen Fa at its purest form that was founded by Master Sebastian Soh.

Our Team

Instructors who are always giving their best to their students

Eric Ong

head instructor

Eric Ong  is the Head Instructor and has the chance to train under Master Sebastian Soh and is still constantly refining his skills under the guidance of Chief Instructor Terence Teo.

Ho meng hwee

senior instructor

Ho Meng Hwee has earned his black pants as a qualified instructor with his dedication and commitment to Northern Shaolin Chuen Fa.  

Eugene ng

senior instructor

Eugene has great passion for the Art that he constantly finds himself pushing his understanding and analysis of the intricacies and immense depth of Northern Shaolin Chuen Fa.